Welcome to the most important site you will find on the whole Wide and insidious Web!!

Congratulations! You are now one step closer to freeing yourself from the burden that is the INTERNET This is the greatest evil that has crept across GOD's good green Earth since the monstrous scaled beasts that stalked our ancestors 10,000 years ago! We as a people must recognize that this electronic DEVIl is corrupting us! Using computers will only bring you DESPAIR, LONELINESS, and MORE LOSS OF FREE WILL! THAT"S ALL WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU SPEND ALL YOUR FREE TIME SURFING THE WEB! POSITIVE EMOTION! THAT SHALL BECOME A THING OF THE PAST! Do not chil, surf sites like these!: HOOScities.

Do not my child, harbor as much excitement for surfing the evil web as poor Forrest... Forrest's website. You shall spiral down a path of hatred and sin! You will wither and DIE if you spend all your time in front of the evil COMPUTER

How you will feel when you realize you spent your entire weekend looking at cat GIFS and texting on your "BookFace":

Oh how shall they mock you for desire to stay indoors:

Spending all that time on the WEBNETS will make you look a fool. My own dear brother became enthralled with the allure of the internet and now look at him:

Please free yourself from this evil before it consumes you!